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SOL VISTA helps hotels quickly and continuously reduce utility expenses through a unique combination of onsite services and performance data analytics software.

our advantages

unrivaled hotel industry focus

SOL VISTA understands your unique 24/7 business with its ever-changing occupancy and unwavering requirements for guest comfort and convenience. We specialize in the hotel, lodging, and resort industry, simply and exclusively.

unparalleled energy expertise

SOL VISTA's team possesses deep experience across ALL disciplines related to energy optimization, management, monitoring, and procurement in the hotel sector. We understand hotel front- and back-of-house systems, equipment, and operations.

unmatched technology innovation

SOL VISTA's Skywalk™ platform brings big data and analytics automation to our solutions. We also offer Skywalk subscriptions directly to clients for ongoing monitoring and continuous utility expense management.

our results

  • Lower energy and water costs by 15-50 percent while maintaining guest comfort

  • Save an average of 20 percent on current energy expenditures through competitive procurement

  • Comply with energy benchmarking mandates

  • Gain recognition for your sustainability efforts

  • Increase hotel profitability and value

our clients

Our broad client base consists of hotel operators and owners from across the United States. View client success stories »