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Skywalk™ (formerly BPM)

Our Skywalk™ platform (formerly Building Performance Management program (BPM)) transforms building data into actionable intelligence, empowering your team to continuously improve operations and your bottom line.

This subscription-based program combines static and interval building data to optimize your building's ongoing performance.


Our Skywalk™ platform (formerly Building Performance Management (BPM)) goes beyond reporting to actively identify energy savings opportunities. Once we detect a problem with utility billing, meters, equipment, or operations, our team follows up with yours to identify the exact issue and recommend next steps.


The program has saved our subscribers millions of dollars to date. Examples of issues identified and resolved include:

  • A cooling tower wasting millions of gallons of water before the site subscribed.
  • A stuck laundry valve and broken water softener valve that significantly increased water use.
  • A manual override of automatic controls that significantly increased energy use until corrected.
  • A Building Management System sensor issue resolved by SOL VISTA retrocommissioning.
  • Utility meters that over-reported energy and water use. SOL VISTA has had utilities replace problematic meters and issue bill credits for multiple properties.
  • A contracted energy supplier unenrolled a client from the supply pool before their contract expired, which caused the site to be billed high utility tariff rates. SOL VISTA had the supplier re-enroll the property and issue bill credits for higher rates.
  • Numerous utility billing errors, for which SOL VISTA secured substantial bill credits from utilities.


Skywalk™ features include:

  • A dedicated Building Performance Advisor to watch for problems, suggest solutions, and advise on all things energy and water.
  • Utility bill auditing, including rate analysis, error correction and late fee review.
  • Portfolio Triage analysis that identifies which sites have the greatest opportunity for cost reduction and which measures should be prioritized to maximize these cost savings.
  • Monthly performance reporting to highlight positive and negative impacts to utility spend.
  • Annual utility budget guidance using sophisticated regression modeling and numerous data sources to provide accurate monthly utility use and cost projections.
  • Ongoing benchmarking and sustainability reporting including ENERGY STAR.
  • Submission of annual energy benchmarking compliance reports for buildings in all municipalities with building benchmarking disclosure mandates.