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Winterize your Commercial Building with 4 Money Saving Tips

November 29, 2016

Winter is coming, if it isn't already here for some of you, and that can mean significant increases in energy costs if you aren't prepared. 14.2% of Commercial Building energy use is due to heating spaces and another 6.8% is from water heating. SOL VISTA has worked with its Skywalk subscribers to cut utility costs on average by 3-7% in their portfolios, and up to 50% at individual buildings. So, what can you do to achieve results like this for the upcoming winter?

Winterize Your Commercial Building
  1. Check all your windows and doors for air leaks: This is a cheap fix that can save you a lot of money right now. If you find a leak, use weather stripping, caulk or insulating foam to seal up the building. Otherwise, you are just letting money fly out the window every time the heat turns on.
  2. Perform an HVAC Inspection & Maintenance: Every year you should schedule an in-depth maintenance and inspection check of all your HVAC systems. A simple cleaning and tune-up can clear out blocked filters and vents, and increase efficiency of the units.
  3. Lower the Water Heater Set Point: This will reduce standby energy and the total amount of energy supplied to the system. A lower temperature should not be set below 120°F to ensure that all waterborne infections are killed.
  4. Install Advanced Programmable Thermostats: Advanced programmable thermostats can save at least 10% on utility bills when used correctly. Even just a couple of degrees lower in the winter during un-occupied, or low-occupied, times will make a substantial difference.

When managing the operations of a commercial portfolio, it is important to conduct at least quarterly energy checks to increase cost savings. Even just a few small changes like the ones above, can save tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. However, these steps are just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more tips about saving on energy costs and the latest industry information, subscribe here.

SOL VISTA helps hotels quickly and continuously reduce utility expenses through a unique combination of onsite services and its performance data analytics platform, Skywalk.

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