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Building Performance Monitoring

Skywalk® goes beyond numbers and graphs, and gives you real recommendations on how to improve your building's performance.

We normalize for changing factors such as commodity rates, weather, occupancy, and other operational variables to give you a clear understanding if you have an onsite issue.

When a use alert is triggered, your own Skywalk Advisor will reach out with specific actions to track down and correct equipment or operational issues.

What you get

Monthly Briefs

Reports highlighting exactly where your utility dollars are spent and what is driving any changes (e.g., rates, weather, occupancy, etc.)

Bill Auditing

Utility bill anomaly detection and alerts.

Recovery Assistance

We'll provide you the data you need to challenge incorrect utility billing.

Skywalk Advisor

Specific recommendations on operational and equipment adjustments that will reduce utility use.


Benchmark your building against other similar buildings using Skywalk's automated connection to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

Annual Budgeting

Skywalk's industry leading cost-guidance creates accurate baselines for each site, and accounts for third-party supply, occupancy, and implemented efficiency projects.

Portfolio Analysis

Our proprietary benchmarking prioritizes your properties by potential utility cost savings.